About Us

About My Computer Repair

My Computer Repair is a Computer Repair Managed Service Provider based in Essex Southend. We started our business in January 2020, but have been in the technology industry working in both professional, personal, and commercial environments, allowing us to fully understands the needs of each individual market. Since January 2020 we have made it our mission to support all users with their IT problems.

Mission Statement

Aim: We aim to provide Affordable, Reliable, and Friendly customer services to all businesses and homes.

Pricing: We aim to keep our costs down to help keep our prices down to help our customers save money.

Ownership: We aim to take ownership of all problems and support customers with their needs.

Company History

January 2020: We have been working to increase our services by partnering with Microsoft, and other major Retailers

May 2020: The world was hit with Coronavirus and we have been working remotely to solve all issues possible while still remaining opening as a key business.

August 2020: We have been partaking in business meetups virtually to understand what everyone's needs are.

October 2020: We changed our name to My Computer Repair to give our customers an easy way to remember our business name

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